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We’ve spent a lot of time with candidates—from undergraduates to MBAs, doctors, scientists, and lawyers—and they describe what they want in their ideal job and career in similar ways:

  • to work with smart, interesting people with diverse backgrounds to solve the biggest challenges across private, public and social sectors
  • a community of people they enjoy and teams that work well together
  • meaningful work where their skills have impact and make a difference in the world
  • to constantly learn and grow and to view the world as their classroom

Taken together, this describes a career at IFC International Limited .
We invite you to explore the positions below to learn more about what a career at IFC International Limited can mean for you.

Financial Advisors
Our unique platform provides our financial advisors with the tools necessary to manage both traditional investments as well as investing in alternative or non-traded assets. Alternative investments are not limited to pre-packaged products. What qualifies as an alternative investment is only limited by the scope of the imagination. We are actively looking for advisors who are looking to expand their practice and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace with new and different products. If you want to learn more about a career as a financial advisor at IFC International Limited .

Sub Advisor Platform
While some financial advisors are looking to change firms, others are satisfied with their current firm, but want more. Whether you work at a broker dealer or an independent RIA, we know that you want the best for your clients. It is highly likely that you are looking to expand your scope of potential investments beyond what may be offered on your platform. Investing in alternative assets inside retirement accounts is a specialized field and requires a lot of background and understanding of the logistics, Internal Revenue Code, case law, ,and risk management. This is not an easy skill-set to master for only a handful of clients. We have a solution for you. Our Advisor Assisted Alternatives Platforms will allow you to offer our services to your clients while maintaining the service relationship with those clients. This solution is perfect for the financial advisor who wants to add additional investments, but not add additional time to learn and maintain a working knowledge of alternative investments.

Our firm feels it has a moral responsibility to provide insight, career path advice and an active education to the next generation of financial advisors. We have an active and robust internship program which helps students learn more about the financial services industry. This internship program is for students who are serious about working in the wealth management field as a career.

If you are interested in a career with our firm, please send us an email and attach a copy of your resume and cover letter




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IFC International Limited Solutions is transforming the way businesses make decisions and achieve long-term performance improvement. Our Solutions combine IFC International Limited expertise with robust,scalable technology to harness disparate sources of data and provide a single, clear view on complex problems.


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