Why IFC International Limited?


Wealth and asset management goals are unique to each individual. That is why IFC International Limited provides customized investment solutions based on your personal goals, circumstances and objectives. Whether you are looking for tax-efficient strategies to reduce your tax burden, re-positioning your retirement funds to less volatility, or utilizing more robust benefit plans to maximize pre-tax investments for your company, IFC International Limited is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism by providing a high value proposition and superior personal service.

What sets IFC International Limited apart from the typical investors and wire houses? We complete rigorous, on-site due diligence on all prospective investments, and only the highest rated offerings are utilized. Employing a durable income model, IFC International Limited actively monitors investments necessary to customize your portfolio based on your risk / reward profile.

Working with you


Collaboration. Understanding. Ideas and Insight. At IFC International Limited, it’s all about our clients. We keep our focus on understanding what’s important to you, your business and your success. “The Power of Being Understood." The business world is evolving rapidly. In this fast-paced environment, we understand that you need an advisor who thinks ahead and rapidly responds to your changing needs.

At IFC International Limited, we build strong relationships based on a deep understanding of what matters to you most. Our strong, client-centric approach differentiates us. To be considered your advisor of choice, we strive to understand you, your business, and your aspirations. By sharing the ideas and insight of our most senior professionals, we bring our local and global knowledge and resources to your environment so you feel empowered to move forward with confidence.

This is the power of being understood. This is IFC International Limited.


Services Overview

IFC International Limited Solutions is transforming the way businesses make decisions and achieve long-term performance improvement. Our Solutions combine IFC International Limited expertise with robust,scalable technology to harness disparate sources of data and provide a single, clear view on complex problems.

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IFC International Limited offers a unique and personal approach to client relationships.We look forward to becoming your concierge and partner in managing your wealth.Please contact one of our dedicated Portfolio Managers on:

E-mail: info@ifcihk.com