Understanding The Mind-Set Of Our Clients.




Research is critical to our business, and the quality of our research team is matched only by the high quality of their output.
Whereas some create research to help position themselves or to fulfil an external remit, our research has a specific purpose; to better inform our Investment Managers to ensure that they have the resources and insight to provide the best investment strategies, and that is our key point of difference.
Our research team understands the mind-set of clients; they challenge themselves to deliver the knowledge and information that they would demand if they were investing their own money, talking to our Investment Managers on a daily basis to ensure their research is both current and relevant.
IFC International Limited's research gives our Investment Managers a distinct competitive advantage.


The Research Process
A critical cog in our Investment engine

Our investment process is rigorous, disciplined and strategic – a process made possible by the unique information and understanding delivered through research.
Our Research Teams and Portfolio Managers work together to choose an appropriate blend of assets suited to our clients’ objectives and risk profiles. 
IFC International Limited’s research is designed to analyse and inform on long-term trends in economies and financial markets, and help us to present our insight into the returns and associated risks from investing in the five major asset classes:

  • Fixed Interest
  • Equities
  • Commercial Property
  • Alternative Investments
  • Cash

Both Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation are used to blend these assets. 






Services Overview

IFC International Limited Solutions is transforming the way businesses make decisions and achieve long-term performance improvement. Our Solutions combine IFC International Limited expertise with robust,scalable technology to harness disparate sources of data and provide a single, clear view on complex problems.


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IFC International Limited offers a unique and personal approach to client relationships.We look forward to becoming your concierge and partner in managing your wealth.Please contact one of our dedicated Portfolio Managers on:

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