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Financial design
The right plan for your family is driven by far more than just your financial circumstances. You have your own personal and family goals, and those goals are driven by your unique values. Only when we understand where you want to go can we help you devise the right way for you to get there.

Asset management
At IFC International Limited, we are your wealth manager, not just your portfolio manager. We manage your total financial picture to help you live a great life. Our goal is to deliver thoughtful and proactive solutions, relevant insights, clear analysis and timely suggestions. Our planning helps address the two biggest drivers facing your wealth strategy – spending and saving. Our investment process is an important component of your overall planning process.Our integrated and customized approach to investment consulting is designed to help meet your investment goals, so that you can live with confidence knowing that your wealth is working hard for you.

Charitable giving
For many wealthy families, planning extends beyond the future of themselves and their loved ones – it extends to their commitment to their communities. Whatever your charitable goals, our advisors will work to understand what you wish to accomplish.
Using the full range of available tools, we work to effectively meet your charitable goals and maximize the value of your contribution dollars. We will also collaborate with you to successfully integrate your giving efforts with your estate planning goals, helping to ensure that your philanthropic efforts continue into the future.

Wealth transfer planning
Your wealth doesn’t just represent security, freedom and opportunity for you. It offers that for your family, as well. Our wealth management advisors and tax professionals provide comprehensive services to help ensure you leave a mark as unique as your signature. We work with you to craft an estate plan that articulates your wishes, protects your family, incorporates sound tax planning and preserves your legacy for future generations.
Our advisors work closely with the diverse tax resources and specialists of IFC International Limited to identify any obstacles and help diminish their impact. Only then can we implement the full range of planning tools available to help you realize those goals with minimal tax consequences.

Risk management
The success that you have worked hard to build and your family’s future face a variety of threats. If you were to suffer an unfortunate accident or disability, is your personal wealth adequately protected? Our professionals will work with you to understand your risk tolerance and the demands of your environment to determine your ideal level of coverage.
We are focused on developing solutions to mitigate your unique risks. We take an objective approach, utilizing a variety of resources to build a plan that provides you with confidence and helps to protect your assets in the case of an untimely event.

Retirement plan advisory services
If you are a business owner, you know that providing effective retirement plans isn’t just the right thing to do — it is critical to competing for the talent your company needs to succeed.
Your employees need well-designed plans with appropriate investment options, strong participant education programs and outstanding customer service. Your company needs that and more — you need to work with advisors that understand your business goals, your fiduciary responsibilities and the regulatory environment in which qualified plans operate.
We offer services to help you meet these responsibilities so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

IPO Readiness
The process is daunting. Preparation is paramount.
Going public requires sound business reporting adherence to strict SEC compliance rules and the involvement of numerous trusted advisors to successfully survive the process. In the end, your corporate culture and way of doing business may bear little resemblance to where they started.
The value of preparation in the IPO process cannot be underestimated. At IFC International Limited, we assist you with an industry experienced team to get through the process in a timely and effective manner.



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IFC International Limited Solutions is transforming the way businesses make decisions and achieve long-term performance improvement. Our Solutions combine IFC International Limited expertise with robust,scalable technology to harness disparate sources of data and provide a single, clear view on complex problems.


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