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Hong Kong is a centre for international trade and finance, and a business and finance hub for South East Asia. We have a long history in Hong Kong and strong, established relationships with a range of financial institutions, corporates and other key commercial organizations.

Managing an investment portfolio with the care and professionalism it deserves is extremely demanding. The speed of economic and political change, combined with the ever increasing range of news sources makes it extremely difficult for trustees to keep fully informed and to interpret how their investments are affected. Consider too that the administration and paperwork associated with running a suitably diversified portfolio can be time-consuming and any errors or delay in administration can be costly.

IFC International Limited ’s discretionary management service means that the portfolio is actively managed in line with their unique objectives. We make all the relevant investment decisions and carry out all of the necessary paperwork on behalf of the trustees.

IFC International Limited are able to do this so effectively because, from the outset, we take the care and time to understand the charity’s requirements, as well as the trustees’ collective attitude to risk. During our initial meetings we will discuss the full range of asset classes available and suggest how we would tailor the portfolio to best meet the charity’s investment aims and attitude to risk. This information is provided to the charity’s trustees in a tailor-made investment proposal.

Once it is agreed that our suggested approach meets the charity’s objectives, IFC International Limited will use these parameters as the basis for day-to-day investment decisions. We will also review these parameters and recommendations regularly to ensure that the portfolio remains suitable and, should change be required, we can gradually adapt the structure of the portfolio so it remains in line with any changing requirements.
And, whilst collective investment options and off-the-shelf products may suit the needs of many charities, there will be those whose investment aims and objectives require a more sophisticated and tailored approach. For such charities we are able to construct a portfolio combining a range of individual equities as well as collective investments.

Investment in individual company shares enables charities to enjoy the benefits of a truly bespoke portfolio, weighted accordingly across industry sectors, asset classes and geographical areas that, in our view, are most likely to give superior returns for the prevalent economic conditions. IFC International Limited can also guide you through the selection of fund managers who we believe to have the most appropriate credentials when selecting more complicated alternative and overseas investments.


Teamwork is at the core of everything we do. Collaboration and full participation ensures that we meet our own goals and serve our clients better.

Through our people we achieve success and serve our clients better. We provide resources and incentives to help employees grow personally and professionally. We believe that people are the heart of our firm, and we are committed to rewarding people commensurate with the value they contribute.

IFC International Limited ’s people are distinguished professionals who deliver distinctive solutions designed to meet and overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow. They combine thought leadership with extensive practical experience of the strategic and operational issues and challenges that are reshaping the financial services landscape.



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IFC International Limited Solutions is transforming the way businesses make decisions and achieve long-term performance improvement. Our Solutions combine IFC International Limited expertise with robust,scalable technology to harness disparate sources of data and provide a single, clear view on complex problems.


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